Arcadian Press — La Bendicion


() La Bendicion. (Spanish and English.)Por . [Text by Max Yela. Translation by Rino Avellaneda and Catherine Jagoe.] Artist’s book by . Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 2007-2008. n.p. 6” x 7” x 0.75”. Text type is M & H Caslon, purchased for the project (and for the Spanish accents). Titling type is a variety of Caslon. Paper made at Root River Mill in various colors (beige, gray, pale plum, orange/brown, orange and rose) by Brian Borchardt, Jeff Morin and the printer, Caren Heft. Top edges fold over, except for one page. Front pages with text used as design and a square of copper wire with tied copper wire thread. Covers of glass in a shade to tone with the copper wire and edged with copper rods at spine edge. Open sewn spine attached to copper rods. Laid in a light peach cloth dropback box, lined with medium peach suedette. Decorative sewn ‘D’ on the front of box. An edition of 50 numbered copies. Fine.

“Max Yela is head of Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries. He is of Spanish and Guatemalan-Mexican descent … La Bendicion was told as an oral story for decades. When Caren Heft requested the story for the press in the mid-1990s, it proved particularly resistant to encoding.  In 2005 Max recited an especially good rendition of the story  … Max determined to write the story as he told it … and feverishly committed it to paper on the plane from …” – Note on the author at the end of the book.

The two decorative initials in the book (different in each copy) are made of paper, and were originally used to guide the makers of monogramed initials in their sewing.

A family story re-told and recorded in a jewel-like artist’s book.

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