ANFANG ENDE. (Beginning – End.) — Artist – Wolfgang Heuwinkel. Made in collaboration with John Gerard.


() ANFANG ENDE. (Beginning – End.) Artist – . Made in collaboration with . Paperstudio John Gerard. 2010. 20p. 12.75” x 10.75”. Wolfgang Heuwinkel used chromatography to color handmade papers. The sheets have been cut to form letters to spell the words ‘Anfang’ and ‘Ende’ (Beginning and End). Gray linen dos-a-dos binding by Norbert Hoffman, Bonn. Gray linen-covered cassette, with gold decoration on front and anthracite title on spine. In an edition of 25 unique copies this is No. 6, initialed, dated and numbered by the artist. Fine.

writes that from conversations with the artist, the selections of colors has been based on his intuition for the age old theme of the alpha and the omega: His thoughts for each word are : “ANFANG” (beginning) “A” begins with yellow for sunrise/beginning of day; “N” brown for earth ;”F” green for nature; “A” red for the colors of the garden; “N” blue for the sky; and “G” yellow for sunset/end of day.  ENDE (end) “E” violet, complementary color to yellow, the opposite to beginning; “N” brown for the past or transitoriness;  “D” yellow for the shimmer of hope;  “E” blue for the vastness of space.” A brilliantly colored book celebrating a clever concept.

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